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Winthrop Lineage

Elizabeth Winthrop Fones descendants
1. Winthrop Lineage in detail.
2. My lineage (Quick View)
3. Quakers amongst us.

I'm going to begin several generations before Elizabeth.

Adam Winthrop was born abt 1466, m Joan Burton, who was b abt 1470 (England).

Generation 2

Adam Winthrop born 1498 in Levenham, Suffolk, England, died 1562 in Groton, Suffolk, England.
He m Agnes Sharpe on July 20, 1534 in Levenham. She was the dau of Robert Sharp & Elizabeth., and was b 8/10/1513 in Islington, Eng., d 5/13/1565 in Springfield, Essex, Eng.

Generation 3

Adam Winthrop b 8/10/1548 in England, d 3/29/1623 in Groton, Suffolk, Eng. m Anne Browne who was b 2/20/1578-79 in Eng., dau of Henry Browne and Agnes. Anne b 1558 in Suffolk County, Eng., d 4/19/1629 in Groton, Suffolk, Eng.

2 of the children:
*Ann Winthrop b 1/16/1585-86 Eng., d 5/16/1618
John Winthrop, who became Gov of MA Bay Colony.

Generation 4

Ann Winthrop b 1/16/1585-86 Eng., d 5/16/1618 married Thomas Fones on Jan 25, 1603-04 in Edwardstone, Suffolk, Eng. (son of John Fones). Thomas b 3/24/1572-73 in London, Eng., d 4/15/1629 in Groton, Suffolk, Eng.
child: Elizabeth Fones b 1609-10

Generation 5

ELIZABETH WINTHROP FONES b 1/21/1609-10 in Groton, Suffolk, England, d 1673 in Newtown, Queens County, NY. She married (1) Henry Winthrop, her first cousin who drowned. (2) Robert Feake in Jan of 1631-32 in MA (son of James Feake and Judith Thomas). Robt b 9/20/1602 in London, Eng., d 2/1/1661-62 in Water town, Middlesex, MA. (3) Walliam Hallett. CHILDREN were born from each marriage, though the first m was so short it was just one dauaghter. I am following the children born from her marriage to Robert Feake b/c that is MY lineage.

Children of Elizabeth Fones & Robert Feake:

Elizabeth Feake b in Watertown, MA, d 11/4/1674.

John Feake b Watertown, MA, d May 1727, Killingworth, CT.

Robert Feake, christened 7/17/1642, Dutch Church, Greenwich, Fairfield, CT.

Sarah Feake, d 1647, christened 4/14/1647, Dutch Church, New York County, NY.

HANNAH FEAKE b Aug 1637, Watertown, Middlesex, MA, d 1/31/1677-78, London England (she was there on a trip related to the Quaker faith, she had not moved to England.)

Generation 6

HANNAH FEAKE b Aug 1637 in Watertown, Middlesex, MA d 1/31/1677-78 in London Eng. (see above). She married John BOWNE on May 7, 1656 in Flushing, Long Island, NY (son of Thomas Bowne & Mary). John wasa b 5/9/1627 in Matlock, Derbyshire, England, d 12/20/1695 in Flushing, Queens County, Long Island, NY.


John Bowne b 3/31/1656-57, Flushing, Queens, NY

Elizabeth Bowne b 10/8/1658, Flushing, Queens, NY d 10/14/1721. Married (1) John Prior of Killingworth (2) Samuel Titus (his second wife) son of Edward & Martha (Washburn) Titus.

MARY BOWNE b 1/16/1659-60, Flushing, Queens, NY d 1728 Woodbridge, Middlesex County, N.J.

Abigail Bowne b 2/5/1662-63, Flushing Queens, NY, d 6/16/1688. m Richard Willets (who was b 12/25/1660, d 5/14/1703, son of Richard & Mary Willets.)

Hannah Bowne, b 4/10/1665, Flushing, Queens, NY, d 12/30/1707, m Benjamin Field.

Samuel Bowne, b 9/21/1667, Flushing, Queens, NY, d 5/30/1745 in Flushing. He m (1) Mary Becket who d 8/21/1707 (2) Hannah Smith (3) Grace Cowperthwaite, widow of Hugh, Quaker minister.

Dorothy Bowne, b 3/29/1669, Flushing, Queens, NY, d 11/26/1690, m Henry Franklin.

Martha Johanna Bowne, b 8/17/1673, Flushing, Queens, NY, d 8/1/1750, m Joseph Thorn in 1695, Flushing, NY, (He son of John Thorn & Mary Parsel (or Powell), g/son of William and Sarah Thorn.)

Generation 7

MARY BOWNE, b 1/16/1659-60 Flushing, Queens, NY, d 1728 Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ, m Joseph THORN in 1680 in Flushing. (He the son of William Thorn & Sarah, b 1660 in Flushing, d 5/3/1727 in Woodbridge, NJ).


Hannah Thorn b 10/26/1680 Flushing, Queens, NY, d 2/26/1761 Flushing, m Thomas Field.

Joseph Thorn b 9/22/1682, Flushing, Queens, NY, d 9/5/1772, m Catharine Smith, widow, in 1729.

William Thorn b 11/7/1684, Flushing, Queens, NY, d 5/13/1736, m (1) Beriba Allen (2) Mary FitzRandolph.

Mary Thorn, b 8/22/1686 Flushing, NY, d 1/11/1768 Essex County, NJ, m John Shotwell (son of John and Mary (Burton) Shotwell) in 1709 in Flushing, NY.

Susannah Thorn, b 6/18/1688, Flushing, Queens, NY, d 1/27/1727-28 in Flushing, m Eliakim Hedger.

John Thorn, b 10/5/1690, Flushing, Queens, NY, d 9/1/1769, m (1) Ann Hinchman (2) Mery Heritage.

Thomas Thorn, b 3/1/1692-93 Flushing, NY, d 10/1/1757 Waterford Twp., Cloucester County, NY. m Lettia Hinchaman in 1727.

Benjamin Thorn, b 1/6/1694-95, Flushing, Queens, NY, m Sarah Badding (or Balding) in 1724.

ABRAHAM THORN, b 9/1/1696, Flushing, Queens, NY, d 3/26/1765.

Isaac Thorn, b 11/4/1698 Flushing, NY, d 8/9/1768, m Hannah Haight in 1722.

Jacob Thorn b 5/20/1700, Flushing, NY, m Susannah Shotwell in 1723. (she was b 1700, d 1777.)

Sarah Thorn, b 1/20/1702-03, Flushing, NY, m James Jackson in 1725-26, Flushing, NY.

Generation 8

ABRAHAM THORN, b 9/1/1696, Flushing, Queens, NY d 3/26/1765, m Mary SHOTWELL in 1717 in Flushing, she dau of Daniel Shotwell & Elizabeth. She was b abt 1699 in Woodbridge, NJ.


ABRAHAM THORN b 1/14/1728-29 Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ, d aft 1773.

Hannah Thorn, b 2/7/1731-32, Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ.

Generation 9

ABRAHAM THORN, b 1/14/1728-29 in Woodbridge, Middlesex County, NJ, d aft 1773, m Susannah WEBSTER in 1750. She was b 8/15/1732 in Woodbridge, NJ.


William Thorn, b 1751, NJ.

HUGH THORN, b 6/16/1753 NJ.

Elizabeth Thorn, b 6/12/1755, Queens, NY.

Abraham Thorn, b 1757, NJ, m Elizabeth Smith in 1781 in Plainfield, Essex County, NJ.

John Thorn, b 1759, NJ.

Mary Thorn, b 4/20/1762, Queens County, NY.

Isaac Thorn, b 1763, NJ.

Rachel Thorn, b 9/21/1765, Queens, NY.

Webster Thorn, b 8/6/1767, Queens County, NY, d bef 1770.

Susannah Thorn, b 8/6/1767 (TWIN?) Queens, NY.

Jacob Thorn, b 1768, NJ.

Webster Thorn, b 1770, NJ, m Elizabeth Martin in 1792 Rahway, NJ.

Sarah Thorn, b 6/13/1773, Queens, NY, m Isaac VAil in 1792 Rahway, NJ.

Generation 10

HUGH THORN, b 6/16/1753 in NJ, m Mary abt 1780 in NJ. She was born abt 1753, NJ.


Marthy Thorn, b 12/20/1780

Peter M. Thorn, b 12/25/1782, NJ, d bef 4/19/1859 in Conneaut, Crawford County, PA, m Christian bef 1859 in NJ.

Susannah Thorn, b 3/10/1785.

William Thorn, b 1/18/1787, d 12/7/1884.

David Thorn, b 6/6/1789.

Nathan Thorn, b 1/19/1793.

BETSY THORN, b 5/9/1795, Bernards Twp., Somerset County, NJ, d 10/7/1866 in Pine Twp., Crawford, PA.


BETSY THORN, b 5/9/1795 in Bernards Twp., NJ, d 10/7/1866, Pine Twp., Crawford County, PA. married David LADNER in 1811 in NJ. He was b 6/11/1790 in Plainfield, Essex, NJ, d 8/14/1869 in Pine Twp., Crawford County, PA.


John Vail Ladner, b 12/26/1812, Westfield, Somerset, NJ, d 3/25/1891 Pine Twp., Crawford, PA. married Martha Ann Irons 6/7/1833 (she b 11/16/1815 in NJ, d 7/10/1889 Crawford County, PA.)

Susan W. Ladner, b 8/22/1814, Bernards Twp., Somerset County, NJ, d 2/1/1892 Crawford County, PA, married Moses Bishop in 1832 in Linesville, Crawford, PA (he b 1/24/1813 Pine Twp., Crawford, PA, d 12/10/1899 Pine Twp, PA.

James Vail Ladner, b 4/24/1819, Crawford County, PA, d aft 1880, married Amanda in 1825, NJ.

Mary T. Ladner, b 5/27/1821, Crawford County, PA, m John Briggs abt 1839 in PA.

Martha W. Ladner, b 5/7/1823, Conneaut Twp., Crawford County, PA, d 2/2/1891 in Ames, Story County, Iowa, married Robert Allen in 1840, Crawford Cty, PA (he b 2/29/1820 in Crawford County, PA, d 1/5/1901 in Ames, Iowa.)

Elizabeth Ladner. b 8/16/1825, Crawford County, PA, married John Gillilanda who was b abt 1815 in PA.

HANNAH LADNER, b 9/18/1827, Conneaut Twp., Crawford, PA, d 2/11/1878 Linesville, PA, married Abraham GRAFF.

Isaac Ladner, b 4/29/1829 Conneaut Twp., Crawford, PA, d 4/26/1920 Shermansville, Crawford, PA, married Rebecca Allen or Thorn in 1852 (she b 2/5/1833 Linesville, PA, d 1909, Linesville, PA.)

Jane Ladner, b 9/9/1833 Conneaut Twp, Crawford County, PA, d 1918 Linesville, PA, married Hiran Gehr.

Generation 12
HANNAH LADNER, b 9/18/1827 in Conneaut Twp, Crawford County, PA, d 2/11/1878 Linesville, Crawford, PA, married Abraham H. GRAFF in 1850 in Crawford County, PA (he son of Jacob Graff & Mary Henry. He was b May 1827 in Summit Twp., Crawford, PA anda d 2/13/1908 Linesville, Crawford, PA.


MARY JANE GRAFF b 5/29/1851, Linesville, Crawford, PA, d 4/9/1909, m Alanson Thomas DENNIS in 1872 (he b 12/18/1848, Crawford County, PA, d 2/20/1925, Conneaut, Crawford, PA.

Martha Elizabeth Graff,b June 1855 Linesville, PA, d 1/17/1929, Linesville. m Charles A. Reed abt 1885 (he b Jan 1862 NY).

Arthur Adelbert Graff, b 1861, Linesville, Crawaford, PA, d bef 12/29/1931, Linesville, PA. m Almedia Litwiler in 1884 in PA (she d 12/16/1937 Elizabethtown, NJ.)

Charles Frank Graff, b 4/30/1867, Linesville, PA, d 2/25/1942 in Linesville PA m Arminda Litwiler in 1885, (she b Mar 1866 PA, d 10/12/1953).

Generation 13

Child (of many)of Mary Jane GRAFF and Alanson Thomas DENNIS:

Lillie Arminta Dennis (MY GRANDMOTHER)

Elizabeth Winthrop Fones/Robert Feake
Hannah Feake/John Bowne
Mary Johanna Bowne/Joseph Thorn(e)
Abraham Thorn/Mary Shotwell
Abraham Thorn/Susannah Webster
High Thorn/Mary
Betsy Thorn/David Ladner
Hannah Ladner/Abraham H. Graff
Mary Jane Graff/Alanson Thomas Dennis
Lillie Arminta Dennis (My Maternal Grandmother)

Quakers Amongst Us
Hannah Feake, daughter of Robert Feake and Elizabeth Winthrop Fones married John Bowne and, through a series of very interesting events, they became Quakers. The Quaker line then extends downward in time pretty much (but not exclusively, there are always exceptions) through the Thorns and Shotwells, Websters, Ladners, until we get to Hannah Ladner (b 1827 in Conneaut, PA) who married Abraham Graff. Tradition has it that she still used the "thee" and "thou" in addressing her children, but how active she was in the Quaker faith is a matter of speculation. She was the grandmother of MY grandmother, yet no stories came down about this Quaker grandmother, which I find odd. Obviously the Graff family was not Quaker, so the religion died out in the family, and the Dennis' never knew, or if they did, they didn't keep the knowledge alive.
My sister, Louanne, who did all the research on this line, was the first one in our family to find out we had these Quaker ancestors. Of couse we read the Anya Seton book "The Winthrop Woman" and found that very interesting.

Elizabeth Winthrop Fones Winthrop Feake Hallett (she married 3 times) daughter, Hannah Feake married John Bowne and had quite a bit of drama in her life as well. The Flushing Remonstrance, the Bowne House where Quaker meetings were held; her husband being arrested and one time sent to the Netherlands to stand trial, as Quakers were illegal under Dutch law. He was exhonerated and sent back to Flushing (Long Island, NY) which was a great step forward for freedom of religion in the New World.



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